Meet Heraeus' experts at CPhI Worldwide:
hAPIs and process catalysts from Heraeus for effective processes

On the search for a competent partner in the pharmaceutical industry from research stage until product registration turn to Heraeus' chemical experts. The high purity of active pharmaceutical ingredients (hAPIs) guarantees customers effective processes and consistently top quality for their products.

Process catalysts, PGM solutions and salts for catalysts as well as precious metal services behind enable customers to develop new innovative products, to speed up processes and to make a constant, efficient production process possible.

Heraeus @ CPhI 2017

Visit us at our booth at CPhI to speak with our technical experts and learn how our solutions and other innovations can help you to be competitive and succeed.

October 24-26, 2017

Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Hall 8, Booth 80H50

Use exceptional networking opportunities and discover Heraeus` products and solutions in direct dialogue with our experts! Our technical and commercial specialists for pharmaceuticals ingredients as well as process catalysts will prove professional consulting and are looking forward to discuss current projects, processes and challenges with you.

Product Highlights at CPhI 2017

...Frederic Bühler

Frederic Buehler about Heraeus Chemicals

Mr. Bühler, how long has Heraeus been producing platinum-based ingredients for cancer treatment?

Heraeus has been manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients for over 30 years. It all started with the synthesis of Cisplatin in 1980: It was produced as a catalytic compound at the time and had proven itself as effective in combatting cancer cells. Since then, Heraeus has become the market leader for the platinum-based ingredients Cisplatin, Oxaliplatin, and Carboplatin.

For you, what is the most important in sales?

The customer is our focus. It is very important that our customers can rely on the quality of our products. This results in a lower failure rate in their own production processes while also ensuring the quality of their own products. Additionally, our products always include a “full service package” which includes our support for approvals and documentation for the authorities.

What are your expectations for the CPhI in Frankfurt?

Heraeus has been attending the CPhl for many years and we have never been disappointed. The entire industry gathers there, and we see many of our existing customers at the trade show. Our entire team is involved and we have a lot of appointments. At the same time, I’m especially excited about new visitors to our booth, which has been designed this year to be much more personal. You may be surprised!

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Three questions to...

...Dr. Detlef Gaiser

Dr. Detlef Gaiser about Heraeus Chemicals

Dr. Gaiser, what does your job at Heraeus entail?

As a Technical Service Manager, I talk to our customers to identify their technical requirements for our products. Then I can compare the customer's wishes with our portfolio and potentially work with our development department to prepare an individual sample for the customer.
When I do this, I find that it's important to understand the customer's processes. The more information the customer shares with us, the more precisely we can develop a catalyst or chemical product to offer as a sample—and the faster and better the outcome will be for the customer. I find it very exciting to figure out what the customer needs and find the missing piece for their puzzle.

In your opinion, what is Heraeus’ greatest strength?

Heraeus has fantastic access to precious metals. Not many companies in the world can say the same. At the drop of a hat, we can come up with all eight precious metals, various precious metal salts, and solutions—all without a long lead time. As a result, we can explore a wide range of possibilities and offer solutions that are not available to others.

What are your expectations for your visit to the CPhI in Frankfurt?

I am looking forward to many interesting discussions at the CPhI—the more technical, the better. People can exchange information more easily in a personal conversation, and sometimes dig deeper into technical aspects as well. Of course, I would be especially pleased to generate new business. But I would also like to meet our existing customers at the trade fair and talk with them about current developments.

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