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solder paste 1

Microbond® F650 Solder Paste for Fine Pitch Application In automotive Electronics


  • Prohibits Dendrite growth even in humid environments
  • Compatibility with wide range of PCB coatings
  • Excellent printing performance on various metallizations
  • Good transfer efficiency even for apertures with small area ratios
  • Excellent thermal mechanical strength with Innolot alloy
  • Type 4 powder for fine pitch applications
  • Clear residue
  • Efficient wetting

Interested? Find more information here. https://www.heraeus.com/en/het/products_and_solutions_het/solder_materials/solder_paste_smt/microbond_650/MicrobondSMT650.html

Innotlot for high Reliability applications in automotive electronics


  • Standard operating temperature of 125C, long term reliability is greatly improved compared to SAC
  • Innolot significantly improves the creep strength of solder joints with ceramic components like resistors and capacitors
  • Operating Temperatures up to 150C are achievable
sinter paste

Pressure and Non-Pressure Sinter Materials

Why Sinter instead of Solder?

  • 5X higher reliability
  • Flux free which means no cleaning
  • Higher Operating Temperatures
  • Silicon Carbide applications operating temperature of 200C
  • No Reflow or bridging allow chips to be placed closer together

Engineering Services for SMT Applications


  • 2D, 3D CT X-Ray inspection with 3D reconstruction
  • Local Technical support
  • Full Analytical laboratory with SEM/EDS
  • Defect and failure analysis with true RCCA
  • Customer SMT Materials and process training
  • Climate controlled clean room
  • *link to Conshohocken application center page*