Can we improve protocols in clinical practice?
EBJIS Symposium report about strategies for biofilm prevention

Infection has been a persistent problem throughout the history of surgery, including orthopaedics. While the development over the years of improved surgical techniques, antibiotics and methods of antimicrobial delivery have reduced infection rates, new challenges have emerged, including multi-drug resistance and biofilms.

At the satellite symposium sponsored by Heraeus Medical at the 35th annual meeting of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society (EBJIS), three experts in septic bone and joint surgery discussed current knowledge of biofilms and local methods of overcoming the challenge of infection in orthopaedic surgery. The multi-disciplinary panel of speakers was comprised of Prof. Carlo Romanò, Prof. Lorenzo Drago and Mr Mike Reed.

Highlights and key points from their presentations are presented in this report:

  • What is "Biofilm-related implant malfunction"?
  • Biofilms and anti-biofilm strategies
  • Clinical impact of local antibiotic strategies in prevention of peri-prosthetic joint infections
  • Good-to-know about antibiotic-loaded acrylic cement