Responsibility – The foundation of everything we do

"Unser klares Bekenntnis zu nachhaltigem Handeln haben wir bereits im Heraeus Konzernleitbild dargelegt", erklärt Jan Rinnert, Vorsitzender Heraeus Holding Geschäftsführung

"As one of the Top 10 Family Businesses in Germany Heraeus strives in each of the GBUs, to develop new market potential through the company’s expertise, innovative ability and constant striving for improvement, and to contribute to a better, more sustainable world with its products and solutions."

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management Heraeus Holding GmbH

With the first Sustainability Report, Heraeus provides new impetus for the dialogue about responsible business practices.

A crucial component for reaching our goals is to make our sustainability performance measurable, transparent and readily understandable.

Therefore, in this first 2016 Heraeus Corporate Sustainability Report we describe the status of implementation and the commitments already made at our locations within the reporting period.

Get an insight into our activities:

Conducting business responsibly at Heraeus

We deal responsibly with resources, our social environment, business partners and employees.

Heraeus sources its precious metals exclusively from mines, which have been audited onsite to ensure that they comply with the Code of Conduct.

Sustainable procurement and trade with raw materials

Our suppliers are important guarantors of Heraeus’ promise of quality and our products’ success.

We are constantly sounding out potential opportunities for savings and improving our resource cycle management. One excellent example is precious metal recycling at Heraeus.

Sustainability in production

Our business activities are based on our own company’s standards as well as the applicable regulatory requirements for environmental protection and workplace safety, which have been supplemented and specified through numerous administrative provisions as well as technical policies and authorizations.

Leadership culture and talent management plays a key role.

Responsibility as an employer

We pursue not only gaining and retaining qualified employees at Heraeus, but also continuing their training and education as key aspects of our global HR strategy.

Participating in the "Twin Cities Heart Walk" in Minneapolis

Corporate social responsibility at Heraeus

We work to add value at all of our locations and are committed to responsible action to shape our social environment. We primarily support social issues through charitable foundations.

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