Uncharted territory


Entering uncharted territory requires courage, passion, and a plan. Adventure begins where the beaten path ends. When a company goes on a voyage of discovery, a longterm strategy acts as a compass for them. No matter whether it comes to conquering new markets, new technologies, or outer space, keeping your eyes on the prize and having the right people by your side make every excursion a success.

Printing Source: Herbert Naujoks, Stuttgart

Printing the future

3D printing is an extremely innovative field with the potential to revolutionize production—especially when it comes to additive manufacturing with specialty metals. The unique expertise of Heraeus Additive Manufacturing (H3D) experts ranges from producing specialty metal powders and developing the right processes to printing components.

Inventor Source: Jacob Kepler Photography, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Original Inventor. Exclusive Manufacturer. Sole Provider.

Europeans first discovered the Americas some five hundred years ago—but for Heraeus Medical, the story begins in the year 2018. Before then, Heraeus Medical distributed its flagship Palacos products in the US through a reseller. With a direct model, the company has now taken matters into its own hands.

Smartphone - Heraeus Precious Metals Online Trading

Precious Metals Transactions as easy as shopping online

In our daily lives, we can shop quickly and easily, everywhere and any time. When it comes to e-commerce, the B2B sector still has some catching up to do. With myHeraeus.com, Heraeus is positioning itself as a pioneer of industrial consumerism: Using the new platform, customers can conduct all their precious metal business online.