Foresight Source: Eastimages / Moment

Sustainable strategies require consistency and steadiness. Corporate responsibility leaves no room for "we've always done it thst way". The only way to improve is by questioning and rethinking established solutions, Only those who act with foresight can achieve success in the long term.

Acid Source: Herbert Naujoks, Stuttgart

Hydrofluorid acid is history

Heraeus Noblelight in Alzenau had been using hydrofluoric acid in the production of UV lamps. Because the highly corrosive substance presents a risk for employees and the environment, an interdisciplinary team found a better solution.

Green Growth

Green Growth in China

China’s economy is growing and getting greener as it adopts emission standards that are among the strictest in the world. In 2018, Heraeus Precious Metals opened the world’s most advanced precious metals factory in Nanjing.

Teeth Source: plainpicture

Putting more teeth into occupational health and safety

Extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, razor-sharp quartz glass— depending on the business area, Heraeus employees must deal with very different safety requirements. And this is how Heraeus is focusing even more strongly on occupational safety.