In order to make our processes more efficient, communication more transparent and to enable a closer cooperation with our suppliers, we have implemented a Supplier Relationship Management System called “HeraPro” together with our partner Jaggaer Direct (JD).

Our supplier portal HeraPro is a web-based platform, through which price inquiries and tenders (RFQs) as well as orders and order confirmations (POM) are processed electronically.

You can present your range of goods and services and expertise within various product groups in our supplier portal. This provides our purchasers with a fast and uncomplicated overview about your products and services.

With a single supplier registration (SRM), you will obtain access as a supplier to our as a supplier portal. There you can enter information about your company, give up your quotations as well as manage as a supplier data and exchange documents (DAE). All details and documents will be treated confidentially.

Should technical problems arise when registering, our platform provider Jaggaer Direct is available for contacting at all times directly by email or telephone.

After successful registration, you will receive a user name and a password for our Supplier Portal . There you will be able to manage your company data as the administrator at any time. If you add employees to your supplier account, these can similarly access the portal and your account.

Price inquiries and tenders (RFQs) for goods and services can be handled completely electronically via the supplier portal. The exact requirements for the queried services will be provided within the portal by our purchasing staff.

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