Alexander Rudl talks about his work as an engineer

Alexander Rudl, Process Engineer

“From Hanau into the wide world – at Heraeus, I can not only shape the future, but also gain international experience. As I was thinking about starting my career, I saw this internationality as an additional point in favor of Heraeus.”

Even as a teenager, I had an inquiring mind. I tinkered with my bicycles and mopeds until I succeeded in optimizing their functionality and performance. Exploring new paths, learning new things – that always appealed to me.

At Heraeus, I can put this same passion to work. I started as an intern in 2008. Then I trained as an industrial mechanic while I completed my dual studies in materials science and manufacturing technology at the Technical University of Central Hesse. Now I work as a process engineer for Heraeus Quarzglas. I’ve been living in the US, in Buford, not far from Atlanta, since 2014.

Working with colleagues at Heraeus, I am automating a glass lathe in order to improve product quality and throughput. As process engineer, it is my job to understand the process and the reasons behind it, develop a specification sheet for the project, and effectively incorporate the automatization into production.

Gaining international experience is a tremendous opportunity. Being able to prove myself in another country, getting to know new people and different lifestyles – that is something really special. With an employer like Heraeus backing me, I had no trouble deciding to go to Buford. Here, I’m getting the best possible support, and plenty of latitude. And I also have the opportunity to contribute my own ideas and to grow as a person.