Arthur Charlet on his work as a controller at Heraeus

Arthur Charlet, Controller

"As a controller at Heraeus, it is my job to question the conventional wisdom in order to find better solutions. 'We’ve always done it that way' doesn’t apply to us."

I am currently a controller at Heraeus Electronics, although I never would have considered such a role earlier in my career. I wanted to pursue my passion for figures while working in an interdisciplinary environment, so I joined Heraeus in 2012 as a trainee in the Finance & Controlling division.

As a controller in the Project Management Office, my main role is to support project managers and provide them with the tools to make their work easier. The aim is to unify processes and make them more efficient. That is why we create standards that define how projects must be set up and managed – from the initial idea to implementation and budget control. These standards are provided to teams as templates, and, in an ideal case, we can apply the standard to all subsequent projects. This process allows us to compare and evaluate projects as accurately as possible.

I am given creative freedom in my work. Controllers at Heraeus are expected to think laterally and question existing standards that have developed over the years. For example, we combined multiple templates into a single integrated template for the best evaluation of project ideas. Our objective was clear, but the path to achieving it was our responsibility. That is just one example of how we always welcome new ideas.