Charlie Burland on why he works for Heraeus

Charlie Burland, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager

“My job is to ensure that our employees and the work environment are as healthy and safe as possible. It’s important that I help maintain the necessary safety parameters in place and I take pride in my role in making safety happen.“

Throughout my career, I have learned the importance of the role that health and safety plays in the workplace. I have developed a passion for developing and refining parameters to keep our people as safe as possible in the workplace and in their everyday lives. At Heraeus, I am given the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded subject matter experts on developing and enforcing processes and procedures to ensure that employees are able to work in a safe, healthy work environment.

I’m also able to regularly interact with an amazing group of people that make up our employee base to make sure that their voices are being heard and their views, opinions, and concerns are being addressed. One of the most important aspects of my job is for me to lead by example. I take pride in the responsibility that I have to model the behaviors our employees should be practicing in order to stay as safe as possible.

When I describe Heraeus to my friends and family, I describe it as a great place to work. My colleagues represent a cadre of talented, technically competent individuals, and I’ve been afforded amazing opportunities to work alongside them and experience diversity through participation in committees, forums, leadership trainings and other forms of collaborations both domestically and internationally. These experiences along with the flexibility and open space that I’ve been provided has played a large role in my success within my position.