Christina Roch about her work at Heraeus

Christina Roch, IT Consultant

“As an IT Consultant at Heraeus infosystems, I support colleagues using modern communication technology within an international environment. My work connects employees from multiple countries and supports the company's goals – and enhances my own professional development.”

Mrs. Roch, you work at Heraeus as an IT consultant. What exactly are your responsibilities?

I work in the Collaboration & Office Competence Center. Our responsibility is to support cooperation between Heraeus teams around the world. For them, it is important that communication functions smoothly. For example, teams need to be able to edit a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document at the same time from different locations. To provide this functionality to colleagues across the world, we are implementing new technologies and platforms.

What tools do you use to achieve that?

We make so-called “Heraeus Teamsites” available on our intranet. These sites allow for information to be saved centrally and securely in a way that can be accessed from around the world. Employees can manage and structure these sites themselves, enabling collaboration with colleagues around the world. We are also responsible for the technical implementation and support of all Heraeus Internet sites.

What is most exciting about your work?

I find that the most exciting thing is that I am able to learn something new every day. New technologies provide new challenges. The environment is extremely inspiring and my colleagues are incredibly nice and supportive. We regularly exchange ideas via a solution we developed, called “Golden Nuggets,” and share knowledge and experiences in our “TechTalk”. It's also great that we are an international team with colleagues in the U.S., China and Germany. Discussions are held on a weekly basis in online team meetings and we work on joint projects.