Dr. Tanja Eckardt on her role as Head of Innovation Management

Dr. Tanja Eckardt, Head of Innovation Management

“The spirit here at Heraeus is one of curiosity and openness. Openness to what is possible and to what the future holds. Change is not generally seen as a threat, but a as a chance to create something new.”

That is reflected in our daily work at the company. We don't check off boxes on lists of responsibilities. Instead, we give our employees direction and guidance to carry out projects independently. The specific steps they take to complete them are up to them. That freedom is a central element of our leadership culture, and I value it highly.

I think that is why the working environment at Heraeus is so inspiring. There is little routine, and we constantly address new questions. As Head of Innovation Management, I am responsible for fostering a lively culture of innovation. More specifically, that means I promote and enhance collaboration between the eleven Global Business Units. Of course, my focus is on research and development. My job is to establish networks, identify trends in technology and direct the internal Heraeus Innovation Award program.

Heraeus has a special “spirit” as far as innovation and creativity are concerned. We are convinced that creativity is a product of teamwork. That is why we promote the close cooperation of teams wherever and whenever possible. I experience the special “Heraeus spirit” most often at our development meetings. That is where we test different ideas together in order to develop new integrated solutions.