Edith Chen about her work as a General Councel at Heraeus in China

Edith Chen, General Counsel

“I am very glad that we support each other at Heraeus. My team takes care of all legal matters at our China location. Through our close cooperation, we can learn from each other and represent the interests of Heraeus in the best possible way. In addition, we also train our colleagues in legal matters.”

Edith Chen

What can you tell us about your team?

Right now, I work in the Legal Department at Heraeus as General Counsel for the China region. The China region’s Legal Department currently has four lawyers (including myself), one patent agent and one team assistant. So, our team is comprised of six people in total. We are responsible for handling all legal affairs in the China region. We are also gradually developing new competencies in the fields of patents and IP.

What is the typical working style of your team?

Lawyers are usually very independent. However, in the Legal Department at Heraeus, we collaborate often and assist one another in our work. There is a large and extremely varied amount of work to be done in the Legal Department, and we have a clear division of labor in order to manage the work effectively. However, when some of the projects are more concentrated in nature, we team up and help each other develop the right solutions. In addition, we hold regular team meetings to facilitate communication, knowledge sharing on relevant laws and working methods, exchanging of ideas and general team learning. We also frequently organize team-building exercises and social activities, such as dinner parties. Currently, all of our team operations are running smoothly and the team members are supportive of each other. For that I am very grateful.

Can you give us an example of one of your team's daily work activities?

Heraeus is an extremely diversified company and its activities cover a very wide range of areas and geographic locations. In China alone, Heraeus has a presence in a number of different cities. In order to ensure that we provide the most effective and valuable legal support to every business unit and department, we have drawn up a series of standardized contracts that enable us to proceed with each work project in a highly effective and systematic fashion. Furthermore, it is our aim that the legal support we provide be consistent and adheres to the highest standards. Our standard contract templates and clauses can be adjusted accordingly to the meet current business situation and adhere to specific company requirements and standards.

Aside from the legal support and assistance you provide, how does your department interact with the other departments in the company?

Aside from regular legal support service, we provide basic legal training in relevant laws for our colleagues in other departments such as Sales, Purchasing, Finance and HR. For example, we once organized a contract law training session that was attended by more than 100 people, including all of the management staff, sales staff and buyers in the China region at that time. With this type of training, we hope to raise the level of legal understanding among employees while increasing their ability to avoid legal risk and ensure maximum benefit to the company.