Esther Kempe on her vocational training at Heraeus

Esther Kempe, Apprentice Industrial Clerk

“When someone asks what I think of the training program at Heraeus, I have only good things to say. As a trainee here, you aren't treated differently than other employees. You are respected like any other team member and treated as an equal contributor.”

What attracted you to Heraeus as an employer?

When I was looking for a suitable vocational training course, several friends and acquaintances recommended Heraeus, independently of one another. Heraeus is a family-run company, which I also found very attractive. The family values are reflected in the social benefits offered to employees. The vocational training also has an excellent reputation.

What do you like most about the training?

A lot. Since it is vocational training, my range of activities changes on a regular basis. I work in different departments and have participated in various company training programs, like an English language course, Xpert computer training and Azubi-Fit program (training and tips regarding workplace health and safety). These diverse experiences allow trainees to gain insight into the processes and procedures across the company. We often think about how to improve things, and we are asked to share our ideas. The training places a strong emphasis on personal responsibility.

That sounds challenging.

We're asked to contribute our own ideas. Trainees like me are consistently encouraged and trained to work independently, starting as early as the introductory week. For example, we did a variety of team building exercises and creative challenges to get to know each other and to think outside the box. Each one of us contributed something during the exercises. That quickly led to a sense of community among the group. Teamwork and building relationships is a priority at Heraeus.