Fabian Geist on his bachelor’s degree project at Heraeus

Fabian Geist, Working Student

"While working on my bachelor’s degree project at Heraeus I made multiple professional contacts. As a graduate in Industrial Information Technology, I need practical experience, and that was something I certainly got during my time at the company! That is why I have decided to stay in active contact with Heraeus through a work-study program. That will allow me to prepare for my career in the best possible way."

Mr. Geist, how did you end up at Heraeus?

It all started with my bachelor’s degree project. My professor of Data Warehousing sent us an email with bachelor’s project opportunities. I noticed the Heraeus proposal, which sounded interesting. After a telephone conversation with the Head of the Business Intelligence Competence Center everything was settled, and the official application was just a formality. It was all very unbureaucratic, which I thought was very cool.

What was your daily routine like during your bachelor’s degree project?

In my last semester I had a three-month period of practical work. During that time I worked here at Heraeus, getting to know the working processes and writing my bachelor’s degree project report. My team always supported me when I had questions. My supervisor, Mr. Kluin, was even one of the individuals responsible for evaluating my dissertation.

What is the advantage of working on your dissertation at a company like Heraeus?

I have made lots of great contacts! After I completed my bachelor’s degree my team offered me a work-study position, allowing me to continue my relationship with the company and learn even more. As a graduate in Industrial Information Technology, you need practical experience, and you can only get that in the working world. My master’s dissertation is the next task. I will be writing it at a company providing services for Heraeus.