Fabian Oelschlegel on his bachelor’s degree project at Heraeus

Fabian Oelschlegel, Working Student

“My co-workers were always willing to help with questions about my bachelor’s thesis – and more than that, the flexible working hours made it really easy to combine my studies and my job at Heraeus.”

Mr. Oelschlegel, you wrote your bachelor’s thesis at Heraeus Quarzglas. Why?

I knew early on that I wanted to write my bachelor’s thesis at a company. That company turned out to be Heraeus, for several reasons: For one thing, they were advertising an internship followed by bachelor’s thesis that I found very interesting. For another, a technology company producing innovative products was just the right fit for me as a prospective industrial engineer.

What specific support did you receive from Heraeus?

I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on the development of a key performance indicator system for managing and planning the logistics process at Heraeus Quarzglas. Particularly because I had to take into account the individual production factors for quartz glass, I needed a good deal of input from my colleagues, including those in other departments. In the end, I made contact with Logistics, Production and Lean Coach. Everyone I talked to was always willing to answer my questions, and they really took a lot of time for me. Also, Heraeus gave me a great deal of latitude when it came to preparing the content of my thesis.

What comes next for you, now that you’ve completed your bachelor’s thesis?

Right now, I’m studying industrial engineering in the master’s program at Darmstadt University. I’ve stayed with Heraeus as a student trainee. At Heraeus Noblelight (HNG), I’m responsible for technical and commercial contract negotiations, preparing bids and processing orders both nationally and internationally.

Because I was a student trainee and was accepted into the Talents@Heraeus loyalty program after my bachelor’s thesis, I have stayed in close contact with the company. When a topic for a master’s thesis is advertised, I hear about it early on. I’m already quite sure that I’d like to write this thesis at Heraeus as well.