Julia Lenhart on studying while working at Heraeus

Julia Lenhart, Administrator HR Marketing

“I wanted to develop my skills by studying while continuing to work in human resources marketing. Heraeus offers me a number of benefits, from flextime and the ability to work from home to helping pay my tuition. From managers to colleagues, I receive support from all sides. That really motivates me.”

Ms. Lenhart, what do you do in HR Marketing?

Among other things, I am responsible for hiring interns, coordinating interviews and drafting contracts. Even the smallest mistake in an employment contract can be very tricky and that is why I have to be precise in my work. At the moment, I am also working on an employer branding project. This project involves helping to present Heraeus as an employer of choice outside the company.

What do you like about the project?

Heraeus offers its employees great services and opportunities for development, and I want to show that to potential applicants. While I was studying for my bachelor’s degree, I noticed some people had never heard of Heraeus. That is going to change.

In addition to your work at Heraeus, you are studying Human Resource Management. How do you manage that?

Flextime at Heraeus allows me to work as it fits for me. That really helps manage my university commitments. For example, I have a lecture on Tuesdays, so I finish work early, and I work from home on Fridays. My manager gave me the opportunity to do that and it helps me manage my time more effectively. My colleagues also support me and think it is good that I am studying as well as working.

How does your employer support you?

Heraeus pays half of my tuition, which really helps me financially. I also have the opportunity to take additional leave for longer courses. Additionally, I can adapt my working hours to fit my schedule at university, which makes studying much easier, especially when I have to take exams.