Julia McKeithan on why she works for Heraeus

Julia McKeithan, Site Operations Manager

“I work for Heraeus because I believe in our future. As a Leader, I can help my employees, and in turn Heraeus, achieve our goals. At Heraeus, our values are key, and they come across in everything that is done across the business.”

I started at Heraeus during my undergraduate studies as a quality clerk and advanced to become a quality manager. Currently I’m the site operations manager for our Wilmington, NC facility. With the opportunities I’ve been given here, I’ve always been interested in the work that I’ve done, the industry I’ve been in and the people I’ve worked with. That’s why I’ve built a life around working at Heraeus for sixteen years.

I recommend working for Heraeus because we work hard to maintain the private company, family feel even as we grow and become increasingly more global. We’re a close-knit team, and as a leader, I really wouldn’t have this position if it weren’t for my production staff. I view them as critically important to what we do and as such, I make an effort to empower them, give them ownership, listen to their opinions, and involve them in decision making. When I do that, I get genuine feedback and banter which leads to this family-like feel. Our culture and environment are a result of the way my management team and I try to conduct business every day.

As an employee, I like the fact that we can rely on our leaders to share a clear vision of our future. The future vision starts at the top and is then cascaded to all employees. This keeps us on a shared path that every employee understands. Heraeus shows they have vision, informs their people, educates their people, and makes sure we are going the same direction toward a common goal.