Dr. Lotta Gaab about Talent Management at Heraeus

Dr. Lotta Gaab, Group Manager Innovation Infrared, New materials and Products

“My employer helps me build on my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses. Together with my supervisor, I drafted an individual development plan that clearly shows my goals and how to attain them. Seeing your own learning curve is a great motivator.”

After studying materials science at the TU Darmstadt and earning my PhD in production technology, I deliberately chose to work at Heraeus. While materials science is still a foreign concept for many companies, Heraeus made great advances in this field very early on.

As a group manager Innovation Infrared, I enjoy a great deal of freedom and have wide scope for decision-making. I greatly value this. Furthermore, I’m a fan of interdepartmental work. At Heraeus, this is more than expressly welcome; particularly in my area, it is actually part of the daily routine. In my current project, for example, I am working with several different areas of Heraeus. This makes it possible for me to think outside the proverbial box every day.

Heraeus is helping me to excel and grow. I recently joined a special Talent Management Program. A development plan tailored specifically for me is helping me clarify my long-term professional goals. Through seminars and continuing education programs, for example, I am acquiring the business administration skills that were not part of my training as an engineer. I give Heraeus a lot of credit for not simply throwing me in at the deep end; instead, I am being gradually introduced to my new responsibilities. For me, participating in the Talent Management program is both an honor and a motivational boost.