Dr. Michael Rohde on product development at Heraeus

Dr. Michael Rohde, Head of electrochemical laboratory

“Here at Heraeus, I can literally set things in motion. Our goal is to extend the range of electric vehicles – and we are on the right track. “

After studying chemistry at the University of Freiburg im Breisgau, I applied for a job at Heraeus. I had learned about the technology company earlier, at a university graduates career fair in Frankfurt. I was impressed by the opportunities Heraeus presented there.

Even during my interview, I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. Heraeus had just launched a start-up that focused on batteries. The outlook could not have been better for this new business area: Electric vehicles are still a rare sight on Germany’s streets – and one reason is that their range is still very limited. In the Heraeus Battery Start-up, we are tackling this issue and developing a solution for lithium-ion batteries.

My task as head of electrochemical laboratory involves building test batteries and interpreting their performance data. In addition, I stay in close contact with my colleagues from different departments, as well as with external laboratories. My team and I have advanced to the point where the market launch of Porocarb® is within reach. Porocarb® is a porous carbon that improves the ionic conductivity in electrodes. Right now, we are optimizing the product for additional highly efficient battery systems. Here at Heraeus, I can literally set things in motion.