Murat Hotunlu works as an Operations and Project Manager in Shanghai

Murat Hotunlu, Operations and Project Manager

“I am very interested in other cultures. After I initially supported a project in the USA, I was offered a job as a program manager in China. The international work at Heraeus has made me more open towards other cultures and new tasks. It broadens your own horizons immensely.”

Murat Hotunlu

My parents are from Turkey, and I was born, raised and educated in Germany. While at Heraeus, I spent a two month period in the United States in order to assist on a project. When I returned to Germany, I was promoted to supervisor and my manager gave me the opportunity to take on a project management role in Shanghai. I was extremely excited for another opportunity to work in a foreign country. I believe that the unique traditions, customs and ways of thinking in every country, serve a particular purpose. I enjoy learning about each of them while working across cultural boundaries.

I’m the type of person who is willing to take on new challenges, and Heraeus offers people like me plenty of opportunities to do just that. It is possible to work and live in multiple different countries and cultural environments. International experiences not only help us learn and expand our understanding of international business, but also broadens the way we think. These experiences foster open-minded attitudes toward all cultures and customs. We tackle new situations and challenges while learning how to interact and work together with people of all backgrounds.

I have gained a great deal from my international work experience at Heraeus. Now I know that I won’t have a problem if I go to an unfamiliar place to work or live. Whether that means facing substantial cultural differences or even a new language, I am confident in my skills to adapt and excel in the situation. Even my two young children have started to demonstrate tolerant and multicultural mindsets, which I believe is a result of my own global experiences. They can already speak four different languages: Turkish, German, English and Chinese. I am so proud!