Olina Zhu currently works as a Risk and Credit Management Officer at Heraeus in Hong Kong

Olina Zhu, Risk & Credit Management Officer

“The traineeship in Finance and Controlling has introduced me to different business groups and locations. I decided for myself in which divisions I wanted to stop. Heraeus always set my individual career goals in collaboration with me. A mentor supported me in every section of the program.”

Olina Zhu

When I returned from studying overseas in England in December 2011, I had the good fortune to enter the Heraeus Finance and Controlling Trainee Program. This international and well-established program began its sixth consecutive year in 2014. Participants come from Germany, the United States and China. The program lasts between 1.5 and two years, in which time the participants have four or five rotations at different locations and across multiple Global Business Units, including specialty fields like finance, precious metals trading and corporate controlling. Heraeus Group is a global enterprise with eleven Global Business Units and over 110 sites in more than 30 countries around the world. Thus, we had a wide variety of options to choose from when considering the rotation assignments that most appealed to us. In terms of professional development, Heraeus does not limit you to a single professional objective or one career path. In fact, the company is quite mindful of our development needs. We are provided advisors to work with us to develop professional trajectory plans that take into account the current business environment as well as our personal goals. Throughout every stage of the program, my advisor provided me with guidance and suggestions, which were enormously beneficial. Aside from the everyday work tasks and on-the-job training, the company also organizes Trainee Workshops where trainees from all over the world can come together to learn and share their experiences.

I think the most appealing aspect of the program is that it goes far beyond allowing trainees to get familiar with different departments. The Heraeus Graduate Program allows participants to learn and contribute in different business areas and professional specializations while experiencing different countries, cultures and work styles. It is truly a unique and valuable experience.