Onur Efil on his vocational training as an process mechanics glass technology

"What glass technology asks of you? Reliability, precision and concentration."

Onur Efil: Apprentice process mechanics glass technology at Heraeus
Onur Efil, Apprentice process mechanics glass technology

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship at Heraeus'?

It all started with a friend who also applied for an apprenticeship at Heraeus'. He told me about the company and although I did of course know Heraeus as a name I learnt a lot from what he told me. We talked about the practical training, the introductory week in Herbstein, the activities organised for the apprentices such as Mission Health, the training supervisors and the resulting quality of training. I finally decided to apply for the glass apparatus engineer training in Kleinostheim and a few weeks later, I was invited to a trial day and an aptitude test afterwards. The test revealed that I am fit for starting glass processing technician training. This apprenticeship was offered to me and I accepted without hesitation.

What made you opt for the glass processing technician training?

This training is quite unusual. At first I did not know that this profession exists. After the trial day in Kleinostheim I was really thrilled by glass as a working material and so I decided to do the training. Another reason are the opportunities glass will have in the future because it is indispensable for the making of semiconductors, glass fibre or optical equipment, for example.

What does your day as a glass processing technician apprentice look like?

I mainly do my glass processing technician training in the departments which is where we apprentices keep asking to learn about what's happening technically. Reliability, accurate work and concentration are very important because we take part in the production process and complete minor jobs autonomously.

Which product / service provided by Heraeus is the most interesting for you and why?

Everything to do with quartz glass. At first I did not know anything about quartz glass. But after doing 6 weeks of research into "What is Glass?" and preparing a presentation about it, I had really learnt a lot. The material is gaining in importance for and cannot replaced in many quartz glass products and applications such as the making of semiconductors for microchip production noted for their excellent technical and mechanical properties.

In a word – what does working for Heraeus mean to you?