Dr. Ralph Sattmann on diversity at Heraeus

Dr. Ralph Sattmann, Head of Technical Customer Support

"My team and I are the interface between the customer and our company. That is why I am in contact with Heraeus customers and employees around the world every day. Diversity, in terms of both people and products, makes my work interesting and exciting."

Dr. Sattmann, what is your task at Heraeus?

My team and I support fiberglass manufacturers in all technical aspects regarding our quartz glass products, in terms of requirements, application and quality issues. This involves intensive discussions with our customers around the world as well as other internal partners such as the sales, production, development and quality management departments. The diversity of our customers and the broad spectrum of topics make our work extremely diverse.

How do you experience the diversity of Heraeus in your daily work?

I constantly see and feel diversity at Heraeus. Our customers, employees and the company are always thinking globally. For example, the manufacturing processes for many of our products begin in Germany. The products are then completed in the U.S. and then sold around the world.

Our customers constantly remind me of the diversity of Heraeus’ products. Our area makes the glass tubes our customers use in the production of fiber optics. The fibers are coated with plastic so that they don’t break. Most of our customers use UV lamps to harden that coating – a UV lamp made by Heraeus.

What is the biggest advantage of diversity?

As Heraeus produces a very broad range of products, the different production areas are relatively manageable. It is like a collection of several small companies under one roof. That means every employee is aware of his or her role in ensuring the success of the products.