Robert Schlegel on his student internship at Heraeus

Robert Schlegel, PhD Student Solid State Chemistry

“As an intern at Heraeus, I gained deep insight into an international technology company. I was integrated into the team and involved in work from the very beginning. I immediately started working on exciting projects.”

What attracted me to an internship at Heraeus? Plenty. The decisive factors for me were the opportunity to work in chemical research with a focus on metallurgy, the clear organizational structure, and the recommendation of another student.

My internship was at Heraeus Materials Technology (HMT) – today known as Heraeus Electronics. Heraeus Electronics creates highly specialized products and precious metals. Examples include bonding wires, gold and aluminum strips and special adhesives for different business sectors, like the telecommunications, semiconductor and automobile industries. My tasks were fittingly diverse. In my team, I was able to work on three customer projects from planning and documentation through implementation.

I was particularly impressed by the way I was welcomed into the team. I received a thorough introduction to various laboratory areas and was full integrated into their day-to-day activities. Beyond the laboratory, I had several positive experiences throughout the company. I also enjoyed my time in the Contact Materials Division’s “Communication Room,” which is where employees from various areas meet to exchange ideas about projects – and there is plenty of free coffee, to boot.