Udo Kuhnert on his work as a master electrician and the health management at Heraeus

Udo Kuhnert, Foreman Energy Supply

"Maintaining good health and fitness are the most important precursors to optimal performance at work. Heraeus knows that and offers comprehensive coverage and rapid assistance in case of illness."

Mr. Kuhnert, how would you describe your work as a master electrician in the boiler house?

We are a kind of public utility for Heraeus. Everything relating to energy crosses my desk. We generate energy in the form of compressed air and steam, as well as supply cooling water and demineralized water. My team is responsible for the operation of all utilities at our location and production continues around the clock, 365 days a year. The coordination and execution of repairs by in-house and third-party technicians, including those made outside normal working hours, requires a high level of professionalism, 24 hours a day, every day.

That sounds very challenging. What does Heraeus do to ensure that its workers remain healthy?

Our health and safety systems are very well organized. Every employee can take part in a free, individual health screening where they are given useful tips about staying healthy. For example, personal nutrition advice has helped me get my blood pressure under control. All employees also have access to free preventive screening for skin cancer and colon cancer. I think that is really worthwhile.

And how are such services received by the other members of your team?

In my team, everyone makes use of such services – that includes both my older and younger colleagues.

Apart from such preventive measures, what else is done to ensure employees stay healthy?

Occupational safety is another important area. During our monthly inspections, we are given advice about how to recognize danger at an early stage and how to avoid accidents. That is very helpful to all those involved and helps keep absences to a minimum..