Willi Warisch on the management culture at Heraeus

Willi Warisch, Head of Global Shared Services Finance & Accounting

“My role as Head of Global Shared Services Finance & Accounting involves leading an international team of approximately 150 employees. I rely on the engagement of every one of them. My role is to create conditions that allow everyone to make use of their individual strengths and thereby make a contribution to the success of Heraeus.”

The internationalization of Heraeus has created new challenges for our bookkeeping operations and led to a need for structural changes. Today we work together much more globally.

It was very important that each individual employee contributed to making those structural changes. The new structure allows our people to carry out their duties to the best of their abilities in the new environment. That is where leadership comes into play. I think leadership involves giving employees the freedom to solve problems independently. I never give set instructions. Instead, I support my colleagues in finding new solutions themselves, because I believe that every employee has great potential.

My role as a manger is to help our people develop to their fullest potential, and to give them the space to grow. That naturally involves a high degree of trust and the willingness to let others take on responsibility. Leadership at Heraeus means leading by example. That means honesty, authenticity and reliability are very important to me. I have to say what I think and believe what I say.

Leading by example also means fostering a culture of constructive criticism, and that includes me. I am not perfect and I have to constantly learn and develop. Others who can do that will have many opportunities at Heraeus. There are many opportunities available here; you just have to take advantage of them.