Grow with us!

Our state-of-the-art technologies will support China’s next five-year plan in all aspects:
In innovation, in green development and socially.

Innovative future

Innovation is also key in manufacturing, as production becomes more automated and more digitally interconnected.

Thus, 40 years after the country’s borders were opened, China is adopting western standards, and the western world is learning from China - for example, the rapid introduction of innovations to the market - and the growth of the People’s Republic is creating jobs there and around the world.

The country’s economy and society changed during the last years, the population is aging, the middle class is growing and wages are rising. China is in transition as it moves in a new direction. With the 13th Five-Year Plan for 2016 to 2020 and the “Made in China 2025” initiative, Beijing is focusing more on domestic consumption, on services and innovation. The goal is for an even greater portion of the population to profit from economic development, and for this development not to come at the expense of the environment.

Heraeus expects China to grow dynamically. Even growth rates of 6.5 to 7 percent would mean a doubling of GDP in the next ten years, which underlines the economic strength of the country. China is also striving for a more sustainable growth and well-being of its people. Not only does Heraeus appreciate this strategy, we see great opportunities in the upcoming years.

Heraeus sees great opportunities for our customers in the area of electronics and mobility industries, renewable energies and medical components. A closer look at the forecast of Chinas 13th 5-year plan brings further clarification on the following topics:

  • Information technology:
    Chinas Information Technology market was 2.8 trillion RMB strong in 2014. Growth is expected up to 15 percent. With its strong footprint in the electronics industry, Heraeus can support the further development with industrial products for the semiconductor industry, materials for touch panels and displays, or new applications like 3D metal printing.
  • Demographic change:
    Chinas society is growing older. As people live longer they are in need of medical services. Heraeus offers a range of products for the medical components industry like used in heart stimulation like cardiac pacemaker parts, the peripheral vascular system, as well as in treatments involving palliative care and cancer therapy. Furthermore, Heraeus is the leading producer. Heraeus Medical is one of the leading companies in the field of Bone cement and Biomaterials for elective orthopedic and trauma surgery.
  • Eco-environment protection:
    Heraeus sees great opportunities with our products and solutions to the environmental protection industry while we follow strictly EHS (environment, health and safety) standards in all current production sites and new sites to avoid possible risks.
  • Precious metals recycling:
    Heraeus helps to save precious resource and reduce pollution.
  • E-mobility:
    As a supplier of key power electronics components, we are part of the solution in electric and hybrid-vehicles. Introduction of platinum based sensors for exhaust parts in the Chinese automotive industry.
  • Water- and air treatment:
    Heraeus offers offer Noblelight solutions with spectrum, UV output, light tube temperature, lighting length and lamp geometry adjusted to the operating conditions.
  • Sensors:
    Platinum-based temperature sensors for increased temperature energy management in real estate projects.