Electronic Technologies

"Speed of light internet" for big infrastructural projects throughout Chinas cities.

Speed of light communications

Heraeus delivers synthetic quartz glass to enable Chinese companies to produce glass fibers cables.
Quartz glass, known for its extra purity, is the basis for telecom fibers, which are used in the big infrastructural projects throughout Chinas cities to connect the country with “speed of light” internet.

We offer three product lines as Telecom fiber, Specialty fiber and Optics, as a major supplier for the preform which draws fiber. The telecom fiber made from our cylinder could be 2500 laps around the earth.

Conductive, Transparent and Flexible Polymers:
Heraeus is accelerating the development of flexible touchscreens for beeing online everywhere, all the time.

High flexible touchscreen

Heraeus developed a groundbreaking improvement for mass production of Clevios™ -coated films in a collaborative research project with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, Taiwan) for flexible, curved, three-dimensional touchscreens as well as wearable functional apparel, for example.

Within Heraeus, we can combine our materials and processes. And beyond we offer potential customers a set which is already optimized and only one step away from system integration into a whole production line, which we will leave in the hand of the final customer. Still customers can expect support in parameter and design setting from our application labs in Shanghai, Germany, Japan and US.

We target to provide new ways of flexible Display and flexible Touch Panel production, as the first example of overlapping competencies at our company. We are sure there are much more opportunities to come in the exciting field of Printed Electronics, Semiconductor and next generation Display, especially looking at our recently extended Organic Chemical product portfolio or low temperature conductive pastes. Heraeus will continue this road and become a leading supplier in this market.