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Heraeus is serving various technologies to make our lives healthier.

Heraeus is a leading supplier for the Chinese photovoltaic industry.

Heraeus Photovoltaic technologies

China is by far the largest manufacturer of PV modules. As an innovative supplier to the global Photovoltaics industry, Heraeus specializes in silver metallization paste for solar cells, predominantly in c-Si technologies.
Using Heraeus silver pastes helps you improve profitability. Our pastes support achieving higher conversion efficiencies, thus improving the market value of your cells and modules.
Today, Heraeus even enables the world record in Photovoltaics-System efficiency with 21.7 percent PERC efficiency.

The region is so important for the Heraeus PV branch that it moved its headquarters to Shanghai in 2014. In addition to its production facilities, it has also built two regional research centers in China and Taiwan.
“In such a dynamic industry, proximity to customers is key,” explains Andreas Liebheit, head of Heraeus Photovoltaics (HPT).
“We need a strong local presence to offer our customers a product line that meets their individual needs and to guarantee short delivery times.”

Clean Air in China and all over the world.

Europe, the US and China were among those ratifying the historic Paris Climate agreement, which will go into effect at the beginning of November 2016. The agreement aims to help keep the earth’s temperature from rising more than 2°C.

One focus is on reducing climate-altering nitrous oxide emissions from fertilizer production and in the chemical industry by 2020. Now, highly efficient catalysts from Heraeus can reduce nitrous oxide emissions by up to 95%. Heraeus is installing this reduction technology in existing nitric acid plants around the world.

Customized full service retrofitting worldwide by Heraeus:
Plant operators benefit from our full service as a solution provider. Technical service teams for customers in America, Europe, Africa and Asia are available to customize this gauze and catalyst system solution, install it on site and check the process parameters while in operation.

The aim of the Paris Climate agreement 2016 is on reducing climate-altering nitrous oxide emissions.
Clean Air in China and all over the world will be the futrue. Source: shutterstock

Our Precious metals recycling processes are award winning and belong to the most modern in the world

Precious Metals Recycling

It is our aim to ensure maximum recycling rates of precious metals materials, although precious metals are a rare resource. Our focus is on recycling platinum group catalysts from industries such as pharma, fertilizer and petrochemical.

Our laboratories provide full-service analytical support and have been setting standards for over 40 years in terms of integrity, reliability and efficiency.