Industrial Technologies

Heraeus has successfully created high value solutions for its customers in Greater China, helping to upgrade the entire value chain of relevant industries and ultimately enhancing people’s living standards.

The Fabulous World of Precious Colours - Golden Times for Decoration

Precious colors by Heraeus

Products often achieve their competitive advantage with special details, designs and accents. Particularly the decoration with precious metals can turn trivial products into golden highlights. In this way a standard product could become a premium, or even a luxury product.

Until now, the industrial precious metals decoration of glass and ceramic could be done only with direct screen printing, by direct thermoplastic printing, or with decals. Now, the liquid precious metal preparation can be applied to smooth surfaces, such as tiles or perfume bottles, in a digital printing process as well.

Infrared and UV solutions make industrial processes even more efficient and reliable.

Drying and curing of coatings

Coatings on metals, plastics, glass, wood or ceramic substrates, two-dimensional or three-dimensional substrates - countless different coating processes are used in industrial production. All coatings, whether paints, inks or adhesives, require a perfect,dry and cured surface.

Depending on the process and the coating for curing, infrared heat, UV light or a combination of both technologies are efficient solutions.

  • Automotive industry: Coating materials such as adhesives, enamels and paints are applied and then dried in many places in a car.
  • Glass fiber industry: Fibers cured with UV radiation are especially resistant to abrasion and scratching at high production speeds.
  • Plastic industry: Electronic devices, modern cars and computers contain many components made of plastics. Gear levers, keyboards, key panels and decorative components are printed, coated with a transparent varnish or a coloured base coat to achieve a perfect surface.