A new approach thanks to eMobility: Heraeus helps Shanghai solve the challenges of the traffic jungle.

Heraeus – a new approach thanks to eMobility

With the growth of cities around the globe, demand for environmentally friendly transportion concepts has increased. But the undaunted drive for individual mobility has also spurred on the search for new solutions. Science and industry are working hand in hand to improve the range of electro-vehicles – and of course, Heraeus is also involved. As a supplier of important components used in power electronics, we offer the right solutions.

Heraeus is a strong partner for the fast growing electronics industry in Greater China.

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The electronics markets are dynamic – a short time to market for new products becomes a crucial sales advantage. The requirements for applications become more demanding, in particular with regard to the consolidation of more power in less space.

Today’s electronic devices require a wide variety of materials:

  • Assembly materials: Heraeus is specialized in the manufacture of joining materials for demanding applications. The products are used in packaging technology, in the automotive and industrial electronics industries, and in the semiconductor industry.
  • Bonding Wires (Platinum, Gold, Aluminum, and Copper): Heraeus offers a wide selection of ball, wedge and stud bonding wires in a varied portfolio. All wires can be adapted exactly to your needs.
  • Heraeus has become the biggest producer for Contact Materials for the semiconductor industry in China:
    Decades of experience in manufacturing semifinished products and the comprehensive knowledge of materials are reflected in the production expertise, the high standard of quality and the comprehensive applications and contact technological expertise. Especially the development of customer-specific solutions are one of our greatest challenges. From the original idea to the series products we offer support from start to finish.

Precise data measurement for automobiles

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Continually making engines better and also cleaner is an important goal of the automobile industry. The requirements placed on today’s vehicles by policymakers and consumers are tremendous. Future generations of vehicles depend on modern emission control systems and hybrid technologies, while electromobility is becoming a key technology for the cars of tomorrow.

Platinum sensors from Heraeus guarantee the precision and reliability you need for your applications. With their help, you achieve precise and constant measurement data with little drift even over long periods and across the particularly broad measuring range.