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Heraeus - a portfolio company

Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. Your competitive advantage is our priority. In all our businesses our people combine material expertise with technological know-how. With this professional knowledge, we look into your processes, challenges and markets and develop high quality solutions that strengthen your competitiveness in the long term.

bone cement

Heraeus has started its Accelerator Program 2021

We are constantly searching start-ups working on material solutions for the 21st century. Our Accelerator program gives both, start-ups and Heraeus the opportunity to explore strategic partnerships. For our next run, we are looking for start-ups that develop innovative solutions for the semiconductor and precious metals industries.

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Heraeus broadens the application range of the Aerosol Deposition coating method

Heraeus broadens the application range of the Aerosol Deposition coating method

Aerosol Deposition has no limitations in terms of coating materials or substrates that can be used. Our experts have worked intensively over the past two years to optimize processes and machines for production on industrial scale. As a result, we are the only supplier that accompanies customers all the way from feasibility study to series production.

Heraeus makes the coating method Aerosol Deposition available for industrial use

Experiencing Innovation

Product innovation, open innovation and corporate venturing - these are the three cornerstones of innovation at Heraeus.

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management Heraeus Holding GmbH

Sustainable - Viable - Responsible.

"As a family-owned company with a long-term orientation, we have naturally focused on sustainability in our business activities for generations. Those who aim to succeed in the long term must responsibly manage all the resources involved in the value creation chain. This includes the employees, and particularly the raw materials. Sustainability is consequently an important corporate principle for Heraeus."

Jan Rinnert, Chairman of the Board of Management Heraeus Holding GmbH

Heraeus Worldwide

Find out where our teams work around the globe.

Minneapolis: Collaboration Hub

Helping medical device customers accelerate the design, development and production of medical innovations.

Shanghai: InnovationCenter

Heraeus developers simulate, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industries in our InnovationCenter Shanghai.

Germ-free through disinfection – We offer the solution against the pandemic!

Germ-free through disinfection – We offer the solution!

In the fight against the COVID virus, Heraeus provides support with UV solutions for disinfecting room air and surfaces. UV radiation in the wavelength range of 254 nm inactivates germs safely, without chemicals and in an environmentally friendly manner. Germs cannot develop resistance to UV light. Find the solution for your application with us!

Overview of our Soluva® product portfolio for UV disinfection

Your Career at Heraeus

Your Career at Heraeus

We look for open-minded people who embrace innovation and see opportunities instead of obstacles. At Heraeus, we will provide the supportive environment where you can grow professionally and unlock your full potential. Join our team!

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HeraeusPrecious Metals services

Heraeus Precious Metal Services

Investment bars or granules, physical or via an account, industrial application or investment – the specialists from Heraeus precious metal trading are available to you across the globe, offering individual solutions. As a long-term and recognised market player, we are the people to contact in all matters regarding precious metals.

Precious Metals Charts
Weekly Heraeus Market Report
Heraeus Precious Forecast 2021

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