Demo Day 2019: Start-ups from the Heraeus Accelerator presented their projects

For three months, Copprint, MesoGlue, Scrona and SenSiC worked together with Heraeus teams on  joint projects in the Heraeus Accelerator. Now they finally presented their projects and their progress at the fiftyONE Innovation Center in Hanau.

„The purpose of the Heraeus Accelerator was always to create a platform to engage at eye level“, says Mario Hehle, Head of Corporate Innovation at Heraeus. “We are convinced that collaborating with start-ups will be essential for the future success of our company. The first batch of the Accelerator program was just the beginning of our journey.”

With the presentation of the results, the first round of the newly established Heraeus Accelerator is officially over. The program is perceived as a success by both the start-ups and the participating Heraeus business units:

Chuanwei Zhuo, CEO MesoGlue

“Heraeus Accelerator is one of the few (if not the only) programs where hard science start-ups can test their ideas”

Chuanwei Zhuo, CEO MesoGlue

Christoph Hartnig, VP Business Development Heraeus Nexensos (left), Olle Westblom, CEO SenSiC (right)

"A big advantage of the Accelerator program for us was a clear target within a fixed time frame. This significantly accelerated the development of the project.”

Christoph Hartnig, VP Business Development Heraeus Nexensos

„When meeting large companies, in general they ask and listen but are reluctant to reveal any of their own technology, which gives a feeling of un-balance in the discussions. This has never been the case with Heraeus, from the first visit we have always felt a respect for what we have achieved and an openness to discuss matters“

Olle Westblom, CEO SenSiC

Frank Stietz, Head of Business Area Electronics

“I am very satisfied with the outcome. The Heraeus Accelerator program is a great opportunity for our businesses and a cornerstone for innovation, because it makes our innovation at Heraeus much broader.”

Frank Stietz, Head of Business Area Electronics

Further cooperation and possible partnerships with the start-ups will be decided in the coming weeks.