Heraus Accelerator: Precious Metals in the Hydrogen Economy

The Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals is one of the world's leading providers of precious metal services and products. We combine all the activities that result from Heraeus' comprehensive expertise in the precious metals cycle – from trading and precious metal products to recycling. Our precious metal products are used in a wide range of industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass, electronics and automotive.

For our current Heraeus Accelerator, we are looking for start-ups and partners in the field of the hydrogen economy.

As the world pushes its defossilization policies towards a green and sustainable future, the search for reliable, affordable and clean energy sources has become of paramount importance to replace dirty traditional ones. To achieve this need, hydrogen is increasingly attractive and can be used for energy systems, transport systems, electricity grids while boosting the global economy and energy security.

Heraeus is already playing an active role in the hydrogen economy, be it precious metals-based electro catalysts for PEM electrolysis or fuel cells or chemical catalysts for hydrogen purification or ammonia cracking.

We want to support the hydrogen economy by developing innovative solutions together with other partners bringing in our extensive know-how in precious metals.

We welcome the application of startups who are active players in the hydrogen revolution. Using precious metals is a plus.

In particular, we are looking for innovative startups focusing on:

Anne-Isabelle Bidegaray

Dr.-Ing. Anne-Isabelle Bidegaray