Fantastic Four

We have started the first round of the Heraeus Accelerator. Ten candidates took part in the pitch at the company headquarters in Hanau in June. Out of them, these four start-ups were selected by our jury:

SenSiC is one of the selected Start-Up


The Swiss start-up  Scrona is working on a novel, ultrahigh resolution inkjet printing for functional inks. With proprietary MEMS printheads, printing at the sub-micron level is possible, enabling additive, non-contact and digital industrial microfabrication.


The  SenSiC team is from Sweden and develops, produces and sells gas sensors for harsh environments.


 Copprint is a start-up from Israel that develops conductive inks based on nanoparticles of copper and a patented sintering agent. Copprint inks enable very high conductivity and full flexibility at all scales of printed electronics applications.


The US start-up  MesoGlue develops innovative solutions to bonding challenges. They focus on all metal connections formed at low or room temperature. Their techniques provide novel solutions for thermal interface materials, soldering and 3D printing.

Focus on electronics

In the first run of the Heraeus Accelerator, the Heraeus Business Area Electronics was looking for suitable cooperation partners. “Heraeus Accelerator allows us to identify potential partners in adjacent technology fields and markets very quickly and precisely, and determine which ones are right for us,” explains Frank Stietz, President of Heraeus Electronics.

For three months now, our Fantastic Four are working together with colleagues from Heraeus on their cooperation idea, getting to know each other better and, above all, learning from each other. The goal is a strong, long-term partnership.

Read more in the official press release: