Heraeus Nexensos in interview: “This is a great opportunity to successfully break limitations”

Cooperating with Swedish start-up SenSiC in the first round of the Heraeus Accelerator, our colleagues from Heraeus Nexensos tell us what advantages an accelerator program can have for business units to further develop their product portfolio.

In their joint project, Olle Westblom (SenSiC), Tim Asmus, Christoph Hartnig (both Heraeus Nexensos) and Lars Hammarlund (SenSiC; from left to right) focus on gas sensors.

What did you expect from an accelerator program in general and what makes accelerator programs appealing to corporates?

The accelerator program was an entirely new experience for us and actually for all of Heraeus. So, this was an exciting opportunity for insights in new technologies and to explore new ways of working with the start-ups. The entire setup was not just appealing due to a clear and well-defined project scope but also to experience the interaction of a fast-moving small entity with a large organization which brought additional momentum in our cooperation.

How did the Heraeus Accelerator help you to further develop your technology?

The success of the participation in an Accelerator program depends of course significantly on the choice of the appropriate startup. Our colleagues from corporate innovation pre-scanned the start-ups and made recommendations whom to invite for the pitch day. This is how we became aware of  SenSiC .
With SenSic we have found a very experienced startup in the field of gas sensing technology. This fits perfectly to our temperature sensors for harsh environments. So, in our joint project, we are focusing on gas sensors. This technology is not new to us and would be a great fit to expand our portfolio.

Would you recommend the accelerator to your colleagues and why?

We see many advantages of the program for Heraeus – and the start of the Accelerator was ideal for us in terms of timing. We just finished the strategic discussions on portfolio expansion and the general setup to identify new opportunities and markets. All in all we would encourage our colleagues: Give it a try! This is a great opportunity to successfully break limitations and – if successful – it is amazing, how fast you can expand your portfolio. In our opinion, this is crucial in a fast-changing environment. The whole program is very convenient with the Corporate Innovation team scouting, preselecting candidates and the Global Business Units can pick the best fitting technologies. Of course, you should not forget that the program requires resources to work on the projects as well. And for one or the other business unit, the projects may only generate revenues in some years from now.

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