Agile project management: culture of experimentation

Agile project management also means establishing a culture of experimentation. For more than half a year, the Innovation Community in fiftyONE has trained ten Agile Coaches who provide methodological support to project teams.

Ulrich Berger is one of the Heraeus Agile Coaches.
Agile Coaches within the Innovation Community support teams to try out new methods.

Ulrich Berger is one of the Heraeus Agile Coaches. In addition to his role as project manager in the Heraeus Noblelight business unit, he also supports teams from other divisions:

"Our job is to drive the collaboration of the project team to get more effective and faster progress in a project. Step by step, we help to make the working groups fit for success in a dynamic environment. To try out new methods, we have set up our own creative space here in fiftyONE. Each competence area may decide on the equipment and furnishing itself. A new environment helps to approach projects differently from usual structures.

Agile Coaches are not only employed in their own business fields. Similar to an external coach, we apply our agile project management methods in interdisciplinary projects. It involves the coordination of project tasks and deriving the right measures, in symbiosis with an existing product development process. In addition, the use of an internal coach improves transparency in the project, in the company and fosters cross-departmental communication. By dealing with organizational blockages and obstacles, agile coaching enables a long-term transformation of the corporate culture.

The goal of Agile Coach training is to bring the benefits of agile working to colleagues at every level, regardless of expertise. The increasing demands on product development are relevant for all employees: due to strict time and cost specifications as well as high quality standards, it is important to work successfully and efficiently in a team and with the customers. This allows us to develop products that meet the needs of our customers right from the start. As a project manager, the Agile Coach training of course also helps me to advance my own projects in the Heraeus Noblelight division."