Help shape digitization as a Community Champion

Within the developer community at fiftyONE, Community Champions actively support their colleagues in implementing the cultural and digital transformation.

Johanna Heck talks about her role in the development community.
A Community Champion helps to shape digitization and supports the implementation of a new working culture.

Johanna Heck, Project Manager for Innovation Optoelectronics at Heraeus Noblelight, is actively supporting her team as a Community Champion:

Even before we moved, I was the first point of contact when it came to digitizing all the important documents, because at fiftyONE we are now working completely paperless. In order to make this process as pleasant as possible for my colleagues, I tested various software programs, such as Doxis4, in advance together with IT. So everything has worked smoothly, as my colleagues now have a contact person directly in their team who they can turn to. The requirements for training courses and workshops can also be coordinated better and in a targeted manner. Because it is also my task to identify working patterns that can be made more effective and efficient using modern communication software.

Being a Community Champion is a challenging task, which I am happy to undertake in addition to my actual development work - it makes our work as a team better and more agile. We also act as an interface between the areas of competence and support networking and knowledge management. My tasks here not only focus on digital transformation, but also on cultural change with a new communication culture. As a Community Champion, I am a role model and would like to motivate my colleagues to adhere to the guidelines required by an open office . At fiftyONE we want to live our principles. To accompany and support the implementation is a challenge that I enjoy, because every day I learn something new with my tasks.