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Battery electric vehicles, and later increasingly fuel cell electric vehicles, are pointing the way to our mobile future. The automotive industry is currently undergoing unprecedented change - and Heraeus is ready to actively support this transformation with numerous products from its global business units. In close cooperation with manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers, we are developing innovative components and systems that will help open up the mass market for e-mobility and further develop fuel cell technology.

The infographic shows that our involvement starts with the generation of solar power for e-mobility (1) and then extends to the charging plug (2), the battery (3) and the power electronics (4), and finally to the e-motor itself (5). Heraeus has many years of expertise in fuel cells (6) and already manufactures catalysts that support the breakthrough of this technology.

Infographic about Heraeus products related to sustainable and future mobility

More information on the individual Heraeus products related to sustainable mobility can be found below in the individual graphics:

  • (1) Solar cells
  • (2) Charging connectors: Platinum sensors, sinter paste/substrates
  • (3) Battery: Infrared heat for electrode production, temperature sensors, bonding strips, roll clad strips, carbon additive
  • (4) Power electronics
  • (5) Electric motor
  • (6) Fuel cell

Sustainable power source: Silver paste for solar cells

Electric cars are as clean as the electricity they run on: Charging current from renewable energies, for example solar energy, is an important cornerstone for sustainable e-mobility. As a conductive medium, silver is a decisive factor in the efficiency of solar cells. Heraeus Photovoltaics offers a whole series of  silver pastes for the highest electricity yield in solar systems.

Optimized charging times: Temperature sensors for charging plugs

Electric vehicles should be able to be charged as quickly as possible.  Platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus Nexensos increase performance of the charging plug and simultaneously provide the necessary safety.

Better charging performance: Connection solutions for charging plugs

The charging plug must enable the highest possible charging performance at all times. Integrated sintering pastes, substrates, bonding tapes and entire material systems such as the "  Die Top System " from Heraeus Electronics optimize electrical and thermal conductivity in power electronics for this purpose.

Powerful batteries: Infrared heat for electrode production

The lithium-ion battery is the heart of every e-vehicle and the quality of the electrodes in it is crucial.  Infrared heaters from Heraeus Noblelight ensure that drying during the electrode coating process is better and faster.

More efficiency while driving: Bonding for batteries

Only the perfect metallic bond turns individual battery cells into real power packs.  Corrosion-resistant tapes and wires from Heraeus Electronics ensure high battery performance when it is needed.

Improved safety and durability: Temperature sensors for batteries

High-performance batteries in electric vehicles must not overheat and should last a long time. Platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus Nexensos ensure safety and  increase ervice life - wirelessly .

More cost-effective production: Roll-clad strips for batteries

The breakthrough of e-mobility into the mass market will also be determined by the cost of the battery as a key product.  Roll clad strips from Heraeus Precious Metals are an efficient solution between the cells and enable new connection designs with optimal material combinations on an industrial scale.

Increasing storage capacity: Carbon additive for batteries

Powerful batteries are indispensable for electric vehicles. The unique  carbon additive Porocarb from Heraeus Battery Technology improves the transport paths for ions, electrons and heat in the battery. This enables greater range, performance and service life.

More range: Temperature sensors for power electronics

 Power electronics modules regulate energy management in electric vehicles. With precise platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus Nexensos, the power chips can operate close to their load limit and new chip technologies can be used. This optimizes energy consumption - and guarantees driving pleasure.

Optimized performance: Interconnection solutions for power electronics

Power electronics in e-vehicles are often close to their load limits. This makes the high reliability of  sintered pastes , substrates, bonding tapes and entire material systems such as the "Die Top System" from Heraeus Electronics all the more important for safe functioning.

Increased functionality: Temperature sensors for electric motors

The  electric motor is an important and expensive component in every electric vehicle. Platinum temperature sensors from Heraeus Nexensos make it possible to protect it over its entire lifetime without having to artificially reduce the power output for reasons of accuracy in temperature measurement.

Increased competitiveness: Catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells

Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, which convert hydrogen and air into water, are currently becoming the leading technology in this field. Heraeus Precious Metals has developed an entire portfolio of precious metal-based catalysts for  PEM fuel cells that enable more cost-effective cells. Furthermore, the Heraeus Precious Metals portfolio includes precious metal catalysts  for gas purification, hydrogen transportation and storage as well as for catalytic burners , which are applied in the decentralized hydrogen and  energy supply.

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