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Heraeus is expanding its involvement in corporate venturing by investing in Emerald Technology Ventures' Industrial Innovation Fund.

Heraeus invests in the Industrial Innovation Fund of Emerald Technology Ventures

Heraeus engages in Emerald Technology Ventures' Industrial Innovation Fund and increases its activities in technology investment programs. With this commitment, Heraeus joins a growing Limited Partner base of leading multinational industrial companies in Europe, North America and Asia who are committed to open innovation.

Jan Rinnert, CEO Heraeus Holding added “Heraeus has a notable footprint in internal and external start-up development. With Emerald we are expanding our engagement in corporate venturing and are looking forward to widen our external collaboration.”

“We are happy to welcome SHV Energy, Heraeus, Bekaert and SCG and look forward to connecting them with innovative start-ups to build mutually beneficial relationships for all parties,” commented Gina Domanig, Managing Partner at Emerald. “The traction we have achieved demonstrates the value of our model. Ongoing commitments from multinational corporations not only provide capital but also enhanced access to global partners and markets for our portfolio companies.”

About Emerald Technology Ventures

Emerald is a globally recognized investment firm in the areas of energy, water, advanced materials and industrial IT. Founded in 2000, the company has raised four Venture Capital Funds, completed almost 60 venture investments, been a trusted partner for numerous multi-national corporations in their open innovation activities and managed three technology investment programs for third parties. From offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Toronto, Canada, Emerald has managed assets of over USD 660 million to date.

Media Release: Emerald attracts additional strategic commitments from SHV Energy, Heraeus, Bekaert & SCG

Work together. Create together. Succeed together.

Heraeus StartUp Week

A win-win all around: Heraeus cooperating with external partners to develop and market innovative technologies and business models together.

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Inside Out

Up close and personal: our employees report on their everyday life at fiftyONE.

Innovations that make a difference

Pooling knowledge in interdisciplinary projects. Developers report on their current work.

Our catalyst for becoming more dynamic and increasing communication: fiftyONE

New working methods and a cultural change were initiated and combined in a future-oriented building. The building promotes cross-divisional exchange and underpins the company's innovative strength.

Working together

Innovative working methods at fiftyONE

The new building promotes exchange and cooperation between different disciplines. New communication and work opportunities on five levels offer the space to come up with new things. Whether at the office or in the laboratory, open spaces or quiet zones - the employees themselves decide on their workplace, entirely according to their own needs.

fiftyONE - from concept to design


Guiding principles of the innovation culture

Holistic system solutions for the customer, development in continuous dialogue, interdisciplinary exchange and a focus on constant quality increase the effectiveness of innovations. The principles establish a common understanding based on thinking up new things and breaking new ground.

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Dr. André Kobelt in an interview about a new innovation culture at Heraeus

Knowledge carriers move together for greater innovative strength

"The cross-competence exchange between developers underpins of our innovative strength. Innovation does not only happen in one place and it is not just about innovation of the physical product. We want to use the new building to dissolve isolated pools of knowledge by bringing together a critical amount of knowledge carriers in one place to exchange their experiences".

Dr. André Kobelt is talking about the Heraeus innovation culture

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