Experiencing innovation

Communicative, focused, market-oriented, holistic: a new space for interdisciplinary cooperation.


Up close and personal: our employees report on their everyday life at fiftyONE.


Pooling knowledge in interdisciplinary projects. Developers report on their current work.

Next Generation Telecom Fibers

A Heraeus Quarzglas Sales Manager is talking about the Heraeus differentitation strategy with regards to a new generation of telecom fibers: a modular design provides extensive flexibility.

Video: Next Generation Telecom Fibers

Trackable and Pushable Microcatheter

A Heraeus developer is talking about new hope for heart attack patients: a new kind of treatment for coronary artery with Heraeus microcatheter.

Video: Trackable and Pushable Microcatheter

Our catalyst for becoming more dynamic and increasing communication: fiftyONE

New working methods and a cultural change were initiated and combined in a future-oriented building. The building promotes cross-divisional exchange and underpins the company's innovative strength.

Working together

Innovative working methods at fiftyONE

The new building promotes exchange and cooperation between different disciplines. New communication and work opportunities on five levels offer the space to come up with new things. Whether at the office or in the laboratory, open spaces or quiet zones - the employees themselves decide on their workplace, entirely according to their own needs.

fiftyONE - from concept to design


Guiding principles of the innovation culture

Holistic system solutions for the customer, development in continuous dialogue, interdisciplinary exchange and a focus on constant quality increase the effectiveness of innovations. The principles establish a common understanding based on thinking up new things and breaking new ground.

Read more about the innovation culture at Heraeus

Dr. André Kobelt in an interview about a new innovation culture at Heraeus

Knowledge carriers move together for greater innovative strength

"The cross-competence exchange between developers underpins of our innovative strength. Innovation does not only happen in one place and it is not just about innovation of the physical product. We want to use the new building to dissolve isolated pools of knowledge by bringing together a critical amount of knowledge carriers in one place to exchange their experiences".

Dr. André Kobelt is talking about the Heraeus innovation culture

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