Innovation is our core business

At Heraeus, new ideas, fresh minds, and collaborative partnerships give rise to innovations that serve society. We rely on research and development, open innovation, and corporate venturing.

Our innovative strength is the basis for Heraeus' technology leadership. We focus on future trends such as health, electromobility, and demographic change. We specifically develop innovative products and solutions to shape them.

In Focus: Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen economy as the energy concept of the future

Hydrogen will allow us to move away from coal, gas, and oil. Produced from renewable energies and CO2-free, green hydrogen has the potential as a renewable energy carrier to defossilize our energy, heating, economic, and transport systems. In short: hydrogen is indispensable for achieving climate targets. One of the prerequisites to achieve this is that enough hydrogen can be produced, which depends on the availability of several precious metals. As a specialist in precious metals, Heraeus has long been researching and developing for the hydrogen economy - from catalysts for hydrogen production to the necessary precious metal recycling.

 Read more about how Heraeus supports the hydrogen economy

Discovering Innovation

Heraeus Fusion Energy

Day of Light 2023: Fusion energy in the spotlight

On May 16, 1960, a bright beam of light cuts through the air: the first laser is used in a U.S. laboratory. To celebrate this breakthrough as well as the importance of science and applications related to light, UNESCO established the International Day of Light on this date. Our modern world would be hard to imagine without laser technology. This technology could even help to secure our energy supply in the near future: with nuclear/laser fusion - and with the customized laser optics made of ultrapure fused silica from Heraeus Conamic.

 Learn more about the developments in laser fusion with fused silica optics

How we drive innovation

Research and development

Research and development have always had a high priority at Heraeus. Our more than 700 R&D employees worldwide drive sustainable solutions for our customers and society every day. With research and application centers around the world, we develop and test products together with local partners.

In research and development, we rely on appropriately specialized units in the individual business segments and on corporate start-ups. In the past financial years 2019 and 2020, Heraeus invested seven percent of revenues excluding precious metals in research and development.

Heraeus Innovation around the world

More information about selected Heraeus InnovationCenter:

The InnovationCenter fiftyONE offers our experts and partners a place where they can network and develop innovations together

Welcome to fiftyONE - a place where people network, where new things are created, where knowledge is digitalised and where our customers are the focus of attention. A place that does not restrict. An "Open Space for Open Minds".

Heraeus Hanau - fiftyOne
Heraeus Innovation: Collaboration Hub Minneapolis
Take a look at our pilot production space: quick-turn prototyping, testing and pilot production of new products and treatment innovations

Helping medical device customers accelerate the design, development and production of medical innovations

In healthcare, speed-to-market is critical. When patient lives are at stake, the medical device industry works with special urgency to get their medical innovations from the concept stage to real-world treatments.

Because the medical device industry relies heavily on strategic outsourcing partnerships, collaboration is increasingly important for medical device manufacturers to augment their internal teams and accelerate product development. Heraeus Medical Components recently opened its state-of-the-art Collaboration Hub specifically to help medical device customers and partners get their products and innovations to market faster.

Heraeus Innovation: Collaboration Hub Minneapolis
Please take a seat: The lobby of our Collaboration Hub in Minneapolis, USA

Consolidating design-development capabilities for “same-place” collaboration

The new 6,200 square-meter facility, located in the heart of “Medical Alley” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provides customers and partners the opportunity to work on-site or virtually with an ecosystem of Heraeus Medical Components R&D experts, including engineers, designers, materials scientists, production specialists and other technical professionals. By bringing all these critical teams and disciplines together under one roof, collaboration can be faster and more productive.

The Collaboration Hub enables customers to utilize all the needed expertise and development technologies for quick-turn prototyping, testing and pilot production of new products and treatment innovations. The facility’s design and development capabilities include:

  • Test labs
  • Clinical simulation lab
  • Training lab
  • Machining room
  • Pilot production capabilities

Heiko Specht, EVP of Innovation for Heraeus Medical Components, sees the Collaboration Hub as a game-changing accelerator for customers and partners to cultivate new ideas, materials and technologies to develop that next breakthrough innovation or treatment. He said, “I am very proud to have all the necessary disciplines under one roof. I truly believe this approach will be a difference-maker. It will help our customers get their products from concept to the real world even faster.”

In our InnovationCenter in Shanghai, Heraeus developers simulate, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industries

The Heraeus Electronics InnovationCenter in Shanghai opened its doors in 2018.

On more than 600 square meters, Heraeus developers simulate, design and test products and prototypes for the power electronics and semiconductor industry. Heraeus works with customers at an early stage of development – this supports the development process. Customers are more successful in initial development and introduce the product to the market faster.

With about 58 machines, the  Heraeus InnovationCenter has extensive testing and simulation capabilities – including a two-chamber vacuum soldering furnace, a wire bonder for aluminum-copper wires, and test stations for endurance testing and X-ray inspection.

 Read more about the further development of the Heraeus InnovationCenter in Shanghai in an interview with Dr. Zhang Jing, head of innovation and engineering service China

Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovation
Heraeus HET - Innovatio
Heraeus HET - Innovation

At our Centre of Excellence in Singapore, we develop solutions for electronics megatrends.

The Center of Excellence Singapore has been home to various Heraeus innovation and application teams since its inauguration in April 2020. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and an air-conditioned clean room, the center offers innovative measurement processes that provide detailed data and analyses. This enables us to develop material solutions for advanced packaging and system-in-package applications together with our customers.

"We deliberately chose Singapore because it offers an excellent pool of scientists and engineers," says Dr. Michael Joerger, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Innovation at Heraeus Electronics. "The team is dedicated to the megatrends of 5G communications, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), which rely heavily on the miniaturization of semiconductor electronics systems. These require advanced packaging applications, which we aim to enable by offering material and application solutions to our customers," he adds.

Heraeus Singapore

Open Innovation

The innovation landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Innovation processes have accelerated. We are convinced that a culture based on open innovation makes us faster and better. That's why we cooperate with external partners - including other companies, research networks, and universities. We are open to new partnerships and focus on interdisciplinarity.

Cooperation with Heraeus

Around the world, we look for start-ups and partners from different sectors, invest in promising ideas, and invite start-ups to participate in our  Accelerator Program.

Heraeus Start-ups

With a corporate incubator initiative, Heraeus promotes the development of new business models and technologies from within the company.

To be able to act more agilely and benefit from cross-linked thinking and interdisciplinary research and development, Heraeus promotes the following business ideas detached from its global business unit structure:


More than ever, we are using digitization to drive innovation. In 2019 we created the Heraeus Digital Hub, a central unit that drives the digital transformation in the various business units with specific projects and platforms.

The focus of activities is on Data Science & Analytics, Industrial Robotics and Automation, and Supporting Digital Transformation.

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Innovation culture

Innovation is a people's business – it is not created in a vacuum, but by people developing good ideas in an open culture. That's why we offer as an employer: Open Space. For Open Minds.®

Agile project management, exchange with external experts, market driven innovation management, innovation centers, and rewarding innovative ideas with the Heraeus Awards are just a few examples of how Heraeus promotes a thriving innovation culture.

fiftyONE - This is where Heraeus stimulates innovation
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