We are fiftyONE – our principles of innovation culture

With its entry into fiftyONE, the innovation community has laid down some guiding principles on working methods and communication culture. As fundamental goals, they are stimulating a common understanding of thinking about new things and breaking new ground.

Essential for this cultural change is a new form of and interaction at eye level. Here, the "corporate you" is a small thing that facilitates and sustainably shapes the way people are approached and daily communication, for example. This, together with the open architecture of the building, supports cross-divisional cooperation and the exchange of knowledge. Because we at Heraeus are convinced that innovations benefit from networked knowledge and ideas from different directions: international, across functions and divisions.

Florian Theisen, Heraeus

Not only communication within the developer community, but also the exchange with the customer is an important maxim for action in order to achieve the best possible results. Our innovation work is clearly geared toward the needs of our customers. For this it is essential to understand what the customer is doing and what he wants to achieve. True to the motto "Don't look at what you can do, but what is really needed", we exchange ideas with our customers even before development begins and test our results with them during the ongoing development process. This is the only way to ensure that our products meet the requirements and ideas of our customers exactly.

Innovation means more to us than the development of new products. One of Heraeus' fundamental goals is to work and to convince our customers with new system solutions, services and business models. To this end, we use the available scope to think in new ways. Our network of external partners, universities, institutes, suppliers and competitors supports us in underpinning our innovative strength. The working methods at fiftyONE are a good starting point, which free up a lot of energy over time, generating more innovative ideas for our customers.

We are fiftyONE - Principles of an Innovation Community