UV light ensures virus-free air in meat plants

Hanau, July 14, 2020

The corona virus confronts meat processors with enormous challenges. Despite high quality standards, the industry is particularly at risk of infection due to its production conditions - this is illustrated by the recent mass outbreak at a slaughterhouse in East Westphalia, Germany. UV technology from Heraeus can prevent such incidents.

UV Light against viruses

In the fight against viruses, Heraeus Noblelight offers disinfecting UV light solutions as an environmentally friendly and efficient retrofit option for air circulation systems in slaughterhouses. "UV light is today the most effective and sustainable solution for cleaning air, water systems and surfaces. Production rooms can be disinfected without chemicals and employees can be protected," says Martin Ackermann, President of  Heraeus Noblelight . Heraeus UV light is already in use today in many industries. Large international airports such as Singapore and Shanghai already use Heraeus UV  solutions to clean the air in terminals.

How does UV light work against viruses and bacteria?

Heraeus UV solutions work in the 254nm range. The germicidal effect is strongest at this wavelength. The germinated air is passed through exhaust air ducts. The UV lamps are installed there, the UV light cannot radiate into the room. The use is therefore completely harmless to the health of the employees. UV light directly changes the DNA of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi so that they can no longer multiply.

With a  computer-aided simulation tool unique in the industry, Heraeus can design optimally dimensioned solutions for retrofitting and new installations in a short time. This enables companies to carry out installations very easily and quickly.

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