Celebrate value of light not only on a day

UNESCO's annual International Day of Light aims to show that light is much more than what we can all see. Heraeus, as a technology group, actively supports this day on May 16. The study of light properties has influenced virtually all areas of science and technology. Heraeus also uses it in its research and products from UV to infrared light or quartz glass for laser applicationsbeams. Given the importance of light, UNESCO has also associated the Day of Honor with a call to further promote the science of light. Five experts from Heraeus explain why they strongly support this Pledge of Science.

With the power to change the world

The many applications of light would be unthinkable without science and research. Every day, progress is made that helps us all move forward. Heraeus employees from different areas are also involved in this work. Why do they find it so important, especially now, to commit to science and sign the "Pledge of Science"? Here are their answers:

Dr. Kathrin Wissel-Stoll, Head of Innovation at Heraeus Conamic

Dr. Kathrin Wissel-Stoll

"COVID has taught us: science holds the key to solving our biggest human challenges. As Head of Innovation at Heraeus Conamic, I am proud to be able to help shape future technologies with new developments in the photonics industry. New optical materials for lasers used in medical applications is only one outstanding example for our contribution. By adding my name to this Pledge, I affirm my believe in science and its power to change the world."

Dr. Kathrin Wissel-Stoll is Head of Innovation at Heraeus Conamic.

Dörte Eggers, Simulation Engineer at Heraeus Noblelight

Dörte Eggers

"Science has the goal of uncovering the truth based on facts and evidence. In my opinion, this is the only way to find solutions to global problems. It is important to distinguish scientific methods from individually motivated approaches. As Technical Lead and Simulation Engineer in Development, I experience on a daily basis how knowledge is used to create and continuously improve our Soluva UV-disinfection products.”

Dörte Eggers is a Simulation Engineer at Heraeus Noblelight.

Dr. Frank Nürnberg, Global Sales Manager Research & Science at Heraeus Conamic

Dr. Frank Nürnberg

"As a former laser scientist, I’m deeply impressed by today’s laser applications and their ability to enable unknown possibilities in the photonics industry. I pledged to trust science, because without science, we would not have today’s prosperity and knowledge on our existence.“

Dr. Frank Nürnberg is Global Sales Manager Research & Science at Heraeus Conamic.

Amanda Mellek, Program Manager for Soluva UV Disinfection at Heraeus Noblelight

Amanda Mellek

"I trust science because it is not about faith or believe, it is about facts and proof. It is the only way that we can advance in all areas, specially health and technology. Science saves lives every day, and I am glad to manage the Soluva program, using the science behind UV technology to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Amanda Mellek is Program Manager for Soluva UV Disinfection at Heraeus Noblelight.

Peter Bauer, Product Manager for Specialty Fibers at Heraeus Conamic

Peter Bauer

"Theodore Maiman’s fundamental work as researcher 60 years ago, allows us to use lasers for minimal invasive surgeries today. With our fused silica materials for the transmission of laser light we enable shorter recovery times and less pain for patients. I signed the pledge because I believe that if we support science at the forefront, we can improve the quality of life for people around the world.“

Peter Bauer is Product Manager for Specialty Fibers at Heraeus Conamic.