Hydrogen economy as the energy concept of the future

Hydrogen is indispensable for achieving climate targets. Produced from renewable energies and CO2-free, green hydrogen has the potential as a renewable energy carrier to defossilize our energy, heating, economic, and transport systems.

Key materials for the hydrogen economy

The ramp-up of a national and European hydrogen economy depends on the efficient use of materials. This is especially true for precious metals used in the so-called PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology. One of the needed precious metals is iridium - a rare, but indispensable material. To successfully increase hydrogen production, the industry must take raw material requirements of substances such as iridium or platinum into consideration. Through its Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals, Heraeus offers electrocatalysts and related services including recycling. As a result, hydrogen can be produced with less precious metal on the one hand and kept in the process sustainably through recovery on the other. Heraeus Precious Metals thus provides a portfolio that promotes the expansion of electrolytic hydrogen production using PEM electrolysis and contributes to the cost reduction and competitiveness of green hydrogen through low precious metal quantities.

Heraeus supports the process chain of the hydrogen economy
The infographic shows the many ways in which Heraeus supports the process chain of the hydrogen economy: from production via electrolysis (1), through transport and storage (2), industrial application, for example for the production of alternative fuels (3), and transport-related use as an energy source for fuel cells (4), to precious metal recycling (5).

Heraeus supports the hydrogen economy in many ways