Heraeus among top 10 family businesses in Germany

Hanau, October 18, 2016

  • Heraeus receives Top 10 Family Business award
  • The Foundation for Family Businesses recognizes outstanding economic achievements
Officially recognized: Heraeus is one Germany’s top 10 family businesses.
Officially recognized: Heraeus is one Germany’s top 10 family businesses.

The technology group Heraeus received recognition as a Top 10 Family Business from the Foundation for Family Businesses. The foundation focuses on outstanding economic achievements and stresses the influence of family businesses in Germany as a place of business.

They examined the most important economic performance data for German family businesses over the past ten years. Among other areas, the foundation analyzed these companies’ innovative abilities. The study concludes that these companies have a higher innovative capacity than other businesses. The foundation also selected the ten most important family businesses – among them Heraeus.

“Family businesses need to periodically reinvent themselves. In addition to the high requirements presented by global markets, we also have a major social responsibility. I am pleased that Heraeus has been honored as a top economic performer, employer, and driver of innovation,” explained Jan Rinnert, CEO of Heraeus Holding.

Background: The Foundation for Family Businesses

The non-profit Foundation for Family Businesses is dedicated to preserving family businesses, with the goal of raising awareness of these businesses’ achievements and importance in Germany. The foundation promotes research in the area of family businesses and views itself as a contact partner for policy and the media.