Heraeus New High-Conductivity Graphene-Based Polymer Thick Film Ink Delivers Improved Conductivity and Environmental Stability

SANTA CLARA, CA- November 15, 2016

  • Dramatic 4x conductivity achieved over current commercially available carbon graphite inks.

Heraeus Electronics, a leading provider of materials solutions for the semiconductor and electronics communications industries, announced that its new product line of high-conductive, graphene-based inks are now available and ready for high-volume production. With 4x improvement in conductivity, robust lifetime testing stability and a strong cost-effective value proposition, the new low temperature curing thick film ink system provides a superior performing alternative to current commercially available materials. The announcement was made at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition.

Based on materials exclusively licensed from  Perpetuus Advanced Materials , the new Heraeus graphene inks provide an array of significant benefits to the printed electronics industry, including:

  • High conductivity - achieving 4x improvement (5 ohm offering compared to 20 ohm) over current carbon/graphite systems;
  • Scalability - while graphene has been previously limited by volume, the new Heraeus graphene inks are available now and can easily scale to meet the high-volume manufacturing needs of customers;
  • Cost effective solution - provides customers with the option to replace silver-loaded materials, providing a 50% cost improvement compared to silver conductors;
  • Superior performance - graphene is instrumental in improving lifetime testing stability, exhibiting minor changes in performance over 1,000 hours of exposure.

The Heraeus graphene-based polymer thick film inks are compatible with the company’s comprehensive polymer thick film product portfolio. This solution will also support a wide range of critical applications in printed electronics, including low temperatures heaters, bio-sensors, printed batteries and capacitive touch switches.

Frank Stietz, President of Heraeus Electronics, applauded the Heraeus and Perpetuus R&D teams for their breakthrough work to make high-volume graphene ink manufacturing a reality. “Graphene’s low volume limitations are no longer an issue. Our revolutionary thick film ink system combines superior performance, cost effectiveness, design flexibility and is immediately available. We believe it’s a game-changer for the industry and great news for low-temperature circuit designers, flexible circuit designers and developers.”

For more information about the graphene-based polymer thick film ink system, customers can visit the Heraeus Electronics booth (# H18) at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition on November 16th and 17th.

To learn more about Heraeus Electronics, please visit  www.heraeus-electronics.com .