World novelty from Heraeus Electronics: DCB+ substrates with pre-applied solder simplify the production process for power electronics

- DCB+ substrates with pre-applied solder reduce process steps for chip assembly by 50 percent

- The new service portfolio from DCB+ offers numerous extra features and services for manufacturing individual DCB substrates

DCB+ substrates with pre-applied solder simplify the production process for power electronics

As an important part of its new add-ons and services portfolio for Direct Copper Bonded (DCB+) substrates, Heraeus Electronics is introducing DCB substrates with pre-applied solder pads, which reduce the number of process steps for chip attachment by 50%. The printing and more importantly the residue cleaning process aren’t required anymore, which were critical and time consuming. Furthermore, the DCB+ substrates with pre-applied solder substantially reduce solder splatters, thereby improving yield. Savings on facility investments and consumables are a further benefit of this innovation.

Added value thanks to additional features of DCB+

Beyond premium alumina DCBs, Heraeus is offering a comprehensive portfolio of additional features and services from the following four categories: properties, options, services, and processing. Customers can then benefit from more flexibility, customized solutions, and simplified production processes.

Thanks to its unique expertise, Heraeus is significantly expanding the range of services for DCB substrates and offers customers added value through custom substrates with special characteristics.

Ready for the future

“With DCB+ we are bundling all of our areas of expertise and offering our customers custom Direct Copper Bonding substrates for sophisticated applications,” says Martin Sattler, Head of Customer Solutions at Heraeus Electronics. “The expansion of our product portfolio to include well-matched material systems ensures our leading position on the electronics market for the future.”

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