Heraeus publishes Sustainability Report: Recycling helps conserve valuable resources

Hanau, 19.07.2017

  • Heraeus publishes its first Sustainability Report, highlighting activities and initiatives for responsible business dealings

The technology group Heraeus has published its inaugural Sustainability Report, providing information about the company’s sustainable economic, ecological and social activities. The document is the first in a series of regular reports, spurring the dialogue about responsible business dealings. It is already based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and over the next two years it will be further developed into a GRI-compliant report.

The Sustainability Report can be downloaded here: www.herae.us/sustainabilityreport

Heraeus: The world’s largest provider of precious metals services.

The Sustainability Report gives an overview of activities in 2016 in all key areas of the company. Informative charts make it easier to understand. One focus: Value creation for the raw materials processed in Heraeus products and applications, along with the recycling process for precious metals. Precious metals are found in numerous industrial and consumer products. Because industrial demand exceeds the available output of precious metals from mines, recycling is of particular importance. Today, up to 30 percent of the global supply of gold and platinum group metals comes from precious metals recycling. Furthermore, recycling uses only a fraction of the energy needed to extract the same amount through mining, with significantly lower CO¬2 emissions. Heraeus is already the market leader in precious metals recycling and will continue to expand this position. In Hanau and in Nanjing, China, Heraeus is currently investing in new precious metals factories.

Furthermore, our Sustainability Roadmap outlines specific strategic goals to ensure that the company maintains a sustainable profile into the future.

Investments in sustainable innovations

The company also invests approximately €150 million each year in its business units for research and development activities. In developing new products and solutions, Heraeus focuses on megatrends such as environmental and climate protection, digitalization and the challenges of demographic change. Heraeus develops new technologies that help to conserve resources, increase energy efficiency and improve health.

Highlights for products and activities:

  • Heraeus products significantly increase efficiency: Porocarb carbon powder can boost the energy storage density of batteries by as much as 20 percent.
  • Heraeus is the global leader in the production of silver conductive pastes. This is a key technology for increasing the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. Heraeus received several awards in 2016 for its commitment to research and its leadership.
  • In its procurement of precious metals, Heraeus relies solely on mines that are audited to ensure fair and safe working conditions.
  • 340 trainees and dual-program students at Heraeus locations in Germany represent an above-average vocational training rate of 7 percent.
  • With its cloud printing system, Heraeus used 450,000 fewer sheets of paper in 2016. The number of printers was reduced by three fourths.